What’s Very Normal?

Very Normal is a newsletter dedicated to recording the journey of a PhD student in Biostatistics. Statistics is one of our most important tools in research, but it is so easily misunderstood. It doesn’t have to be this way! My goal here is to demystify statistics and PhD life and make it feel… very normal.

What do I get out of subscribing?

This newsletter has a blend of articles. Sometimes, I’ll be writing about a statistics concept I find interesting. Other times, I’ll be talking about my current struggles with figuring out PhD life. Join the ride if any of this interests you.

Who are you?

My name is Christian Pascual, and as mentioned above, I am a graduate student. My undergraduate training is in biomedical engineering, but I have an MS in Biostatistics, so I have at least 2 years of eating and breathing biostatistics. I really enjoy that feeling of finding new knowledge, so I want to bring that to my audience as best as I can.

How often do you post?

A student’s schedule can be demanding, but I’m dedicated to trying to keep the newsletter as consistent as possible. Expect a new article every other Saturday at 5pm.

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The very normal tribulations of a (biostatistics) graduate student


Christian Pascual
A very normal Ph.D student